• Dave Ramsey

My history...breifly

Updated: Sep 3

~  Politically, I consider myself a curious moderate liberal.  For now anyway.  I grew up in a military family from parents who were raised as somewhat poor Californians and my mother is Mexican.  She learned English in school as her second language.  My parents have done very well for themselves.  I moved around but was mostly raised in Texas graduating from high school there.  I then moved to Philadelphia for college and have been here since.

    I started out studying Biochemistry in Philly for a couple of years(which I looooved), but decided to try to become a jazz musician so I switched and got a degree in Jazz from Temple University.  I led a band for several years touring and working in fine dining restaurants to support myself.  Eventually, my band ended and I was working in coffee(which I also love) and have been doing so since.  Now I'm learning to code in Python.

more soon...

PS for more on what I'm doing 'now.' Click on my NOW page.


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