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What am I doing now?

 I still live in south Philadelphia.  

I've been studying python to use for data science and so far I'm loving it.  I've finally done a couple COVID data projects to pester my family into staying safe.

Deeply studying espresso with an EK and a DECENT machine.  Mostly using Scott Rao's Bloom method that can get extraction yields up to 27%.  

I'm learning Japanese kintsugi to break and reput together my cups.

During the lockdown, I've been practicing some sic soccer stepovers and transitioning them into Cruyffs all inside my little 7ft by 5ft space in my room.  Super excited to play again.

Still practicing trumpet daily, freestyle rapping over my own lo-fi beats and writing poetry with a parallel fountain pen.

 Meditating at least once a day using Sam Harris' Waking Up app.

Last updated: Aug 2020

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